How to put in a butt plug

How to put in a butt plug

Okay, so the name isn’t exactly a turn on, but butt plugs really are worth a try if you’re open to some backdoor play.

These kinky sex toys can send your satisfaction levels skyrocketing. Whether you’re girl on guy, girl on girl, guy on guy, or getting off solo, insert and let the intense, back-bending orgasms begin.

Even if you are up for giving butt plugs a go, breaking into unknown territory can be a little daunting – but we’re here to help.

From picking out the perfect butt plug and lube to explaining how to use a butt plug safely, we’ve got every aspect of these amazing little toys covered.

What does a butt plug do?

Well, other than the fact anal fun has always been taboo, which immediately makes it something to tick off your sex list, that whole area is jam-packed with nerve endings just waiting to be teased and touched.

The thrill of popping one of these in is the feeling of fullness they bring. And because everyone has a hole, anyone can use a butt plug. These anal sex toys offer pleasure for everyone – whether you’re pleasing yourself or being pleasured.

Slip one of these things in and she’ll feel totally amazing. Читать далее